Dry Rot and Wood Rot – How to Protect Your Roof


A family-owned exterior home repair and storm restoration company with operations across the United States, American Dream Home Improvement is an Owens Corning Certified Platinum Preferred Contractor. American Dream Home Improvement offers roofing services such as repair of damage due to dry rot and wood rot.

Among the least pleasant discoveries one might make during a roofing project, roof rot can weaken the structure of the roof and potentially cause damage to other parts of the house. Many different factors can cause roof rot, ranging from high humidity in the attic to inadequate ventilation on the roof itself. Roof rot most commonly occurs in exposed framing, exterior window and door casings, roof framing, and the underside of roof decking.

To prevent roof rot from forming, homeowners can start by clearing their gutters to prevent water from pooling near important roof structures. Homeowners must also take care to install proper ventilation systems in the roof in order to expel water vapor and reduce moisture content. Finally, the chances of roof rot can be reduced by repairing damaged shingles immediately, as well as damaged sealants around vents and chimneys.


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