A Comparison of Home Gutter Materials

Home Gutters pic
Home Gutters
Image: americandreamhomeimprovement.com

Since 2000, American Dream Home Improvement has offered comprehensive storm restoration and exterior home repair services to clients across the US. American Dream Home Improvement specializes in gutter repair, which plays a vital role in protecting homes from water damage.

Gutters come in a wide variety of materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum is the most common type of gutter material, due in large part to its light weight and durability. Aluminum also allows for a great deal of aesthetic flexibility, making it an ideal option for homeowners concerned about the curb appeal of their homes.

Galvanized steel gutters are heavy and durable, yet may be prone to rusting over extended periods of time. Homeowners often choose copper gutter systems for their combination of durability and appearance, but they must be willing to pay a premium for the material. For homeowners seeking a less expensive option, vinyl gutters can be matched to vinyl siding, creating a unified aesthetic.


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